Sungai Golok, Thailand (Jan2009)
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Added: September 01, 2010 Views: 1,351 Ratings: 0
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Added: September 01, 2010 (More info)
Motorbike taxi cost only RM3.00 from the border to the Golok town here. Becarefull for the illegal/b...
Added: January 01, 1970 (Less info)
Motorbike taxi cost only RM3.00 from the border to the Golok town here. Becarefull for the illegal/broker taxi which will try to overcharge tourist like us. They did approach me for RM10.00 but fortunately I am alert enough to know the Motorbike taxi price here is not that expensive. Hotels here are very cheap eg RM40 - RM70 and the budget motel is RM20 per night. As I am taking my night walk around the town I notice quite a number of army men equip with their M16 scouting around the town with their motorbike. The local told me 2 weeks ago there's a bomb exploded in a car causing several people injured and 3 died. The car was parked outside a restaurant. 4 days ago they found 30+ explosive at Betong but all this is never disclose by the media. As you can see very less tourist visiting the Golok town now comparing last time the whole street is filled with people at night but it became a quiet street now. Hope that the new government will do better this time to improve the safety of the innocent public here. The wave of violence in Southern Thailand that began in January 2004 has continued unabated to date. Nearly 2000 attacks have taken place in the region and the bloodshed has claimed almost 1000 victims. According to the local, they beleived Thaksin iron fist administration is the one who caused all this commotion and chaos. News explores the possible reasons behind the current violence in southern Thailand with a focus on the violent events that took place on 28 April ...
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