Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Crack and Missing Sequence Presets FIXED! | The DSLR Film Maker
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Added: June 17, 2012 Views: 3,133 Ratings: 0
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Added: June 17, 2012 (More info) Hey guys! Welcome to a promotional episode of the DS...
Added: January 01, 1970 (Less info) Hey guys! Welcome to a promotional episode of the DSLR Film Maker. I am your host Mayank Bhattacharya and today I got something exciting for you guys! Please comment below and let me know if you are finding it difficult to understand my accent, I will add sub titles and re-upload the video for your viewing pleasure. So a couple weeks back one of my editing friend, came up with a crack file called amtlib.dll which would allow you to crack your Premiere Pro cs6 and make it a full version. He said he 6 downloaded the complete software via torrent and got crack actually worked fine! I tried doing the same and here is a quick time lapse of the same. Download the Premiere Pro CS6 from any torrent website with the crack folder attached. Install the software as the trial mode and later copy the amtlib.dll files to the parent folder. Its always recommended to buy the software from developer's store as the torrents file aren't always 100% safe and legit. Also, there won't be any upgrades or what-so-ever available to your pirated version. But since most of the independent film makers aren't actually having the sum of $800, they prefer the risky way. Now, if you are already using a previous Premiere Pro version, you need to take care one thing to make the most of your Premiere Pro CS6. be it a geniune copy, a 30 day trial version or a torrent downloaded. In my case, a 30-day trial version. You might notice a lot of missing sequnce presets, Titles etc. and in order to fix that, you just need to delete a cache file that has stored your previous Premiere Pro information. Its a file called cache.db. You need to search that file in your computer and delete it. It deletes all the previous saved cache memory and you get all your missing sequence presets, titles etc. So, I hope this video tutorial helped a lot Premiere Pro users out there. Adobe has a done a wonderful job with the premiere Pro series. and the CS6 is indeed a delight. I was using the premiere pro cs5 for about 10 months before upgrading to the CS 6. I haven't offcially bought the software yet. Its still on trial mode and I have around 15 days left over to make the most of the trials. This video was basically about the two issues I faced during my installation and the work flow in the Premiere pro CS6. I primarily switched to Premiere Pro because of its Mercury playback engine and with the new CS6 it was like the god father of the editing softwares. Multi-Cam editing wasn't supported well by the mercury Playback engine in the Cs5 and CS5.5 but its not the case with the CS6. This was just a promotional video of our upcoming web series called DSLR Film Maker starting Monday, June 18th. Please comment and let us know what you want learn about film making. Be it editing, cinematography, Direction or Visual affects. We will try and answer all you queries. And by doing so we can mutually improve our film making knowledge and skills. I am Mayank Bhattacharya signing off and I thank you again for watching this video. I will see you next week. Bye!
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